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Leahvana is an ambitious and uniquely creative DJ and producer, hailing from Georgia, USA. With her powerful presence behind the decks and distinct ‘Leahvana’ tune selection, she’s become an integral part of her local music scene, gaining fans from all around.

Her path to prominence started during childhood. Her grandparents took her to their church where she took her very first music lessons, learning to play piano. In middle school she furthered her musical education, this time learning to play the flute. Her musical influences growing up were varied, and included acts such as Green Day, Enya, Orbital, KoRn, Slipknot, Powerman5000, Amber, Real McCoy, Ace of Base, Michael Jackson, Mr. Big and a lot of 90's rock and pop acts.

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Although Leahvana’s sound in the broader sense can be labelled as trance, her varied and almost eclectic style allows her to move through a journey of sounds. Initiating with a progressive vibe, and building the energy through the more dark and driving sounds, leading all the way to uplifting and euphoric tracks for that happy and emotional ending, something you can expect from a Leahvana set.

Right now, Leahvana is getting ready to release her first single, Sanctus in August. It's an uplifting trance track with a driving acid line, high energy synths and lots of atmosphere created by female choir and Gregorian monk chants which gives the tune its name. She’s also keeping herself busy working on episodes of her weekly show on Mixcloud, ‘Sanctum Surreal’, where she presents her top 20 selection of exciting new and forthcoming trance releases. And for a more intimate online gathering, Leah hosts a hangout on Twitch once or twice a week, interacting with fans and steadily growing her community by introducing them to her work.

There are a couple of Leahvana tracks currently in the pipeline that Leah is excited for and there are future plans to push ‘Sanctum Surreal’ to a wider audience. Leah is extremely passionate to share her love and taste of trance music to as many people as she can reach. And as soon as lockdown eases and venues and shows recommence, there are plans to take the ‘Sanctum Surreal’ live show on the road.

With almost 15 years of experience in the music industry and no signs of slowing down, it’s clear Leahvana has a bright future ahead.

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